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Ford is my faviorte car company. My main reason is due to the fact that my brother owns a ford mustang gt. It is a absoulte monster and another reason is that the mustnang has so much history compared to any other car. It was first in production at 1964 and has been in production and successful ever since. Throughout the years the ford mustang has increased in many ways. Horsepower wise, and even builty quility had been greatly improved. The first production mustang had at least 200 hp but the latest 2015 mustang gt350r has 526 hp which is naturally aspirated. The mustang will forever be my faviorte car. Lastly for the horsepower and specs the mustang is priced well.

Well if price doesnt matter well then mercedes is a very good company. Some of models are very expensive such as the s class and the amg gts are a great choice however be ready to pay above a 100 grand. Also the c class is a sports/sedan car but its price ranges from $40,000 to $70,000. It is a geraman engineered car but with vast horsepower of 503. Mercedes will also be one of a kind but also is a rich mans car.

Ridiculously if you want a expensive car then buy a Koenigsegg. Two of the best model are the regera and the one:1. The regera cost an astonishing $ 2,000,000 however its 0-60 is 2.8 seconds and had a top speed of 250 mph. Only 80 have been prodcuced and all of which have 1500+ hp. Buying a supercar like this is a dream. The other model one:1 is relatively the same with the same 0-60 but a 248 mph top speed and 1340 hp. Also it cost $2.4 millon. IF you want cars like this you need to be a millonare or billionare. Car and Driver